Dessureau Machines, Inc. began operations in 1940 with John and Joseph Dessureau as a repair welding and machine shop. The initial company sales were associated primarily with the growing granite industry in Central Vermont. This assocation resulted in D.M.I designing and manufacturing wire and wire saw machines for cutting stone blocks.

    In 1992, Arthur's son Mark Dessureau began to improve the company's engineering and machining capabilities. CAD-CAM design and CNC production machines were added to the companies profile. The customer base was broadened to include many Vermont food processing companies and replacement components for other manufacturing facilities.

     Mark Became president in 2009 and continued to expand the CNC production capabilities of the company. More veritcal CNC machining centers were added with 4th axis machining. CNC turning and mill/turn machines were also added. The CAD/CAM programming was upgraded to include solid model design and machining. The food processing customer base continued to grow and customers from the medical, semiconductor, oil, and aerospace industries were added. D.M.I continues to add new equipment and capabilities to our facility to meet customer demands.

      Dessureau Machines is committed to providing precision machining & fabrication solutions.  We strive every day to combine Vermont values, new technologies, and engineering based manufacturing to provide our customers with the highest levels of quality and service available.

    In 1968, John's son Arthur Dessureau joined the business and began to automate the production of stone sawing wire. Other types of stone sawing wire were also added to the product line until eventually stone sawing wire sales became the largest selling D.M.I product. In 1989, D.M.I designed and built its first circular diamond blade saw machine but continued to see decreases in granite industry sales as the stone industry contracted from overseas competition. During the 1980's and 1990's, D.M.I was able to expand its customer base when the train manufacturer Bombardier built an assembly facility in Barre. This facility provided a new source of more precision machining services for D.M.I to build on.